fermata inc. opens second flagship store

fermata inc. opens second flagship store in Japan’s first ‘medical mall’ with PARCO Co. Ltd.
On November 19th (Fri) 2021 fermata inc. opens its second permanent store in West Japan, in collaboration with major retail company PARCO focusing on women’s social and health issues.

(Tokyo, Japan) On November 19th 2021, fermata inc. (hereafter ‘fermata’) officially opens its second flagship store in West Japan. Working in partnership with major retail company PARCO Co. Ltd. department stores (hereafter ‘PARCO’) fermata will join ‘Welpa’, Japan's first ‘medical mall’ dedicated to supporting women’s health and wellness. 

As part of Welpa, fermata joins a collaborative pilot with companies from across West Japan leading in health innovation including  Smart Medical Co., Ltd., and Dricos Co., Ltd.. Using a unique combination of clinician care, consumer awareness and providing consumer goods, fermata’s second store with Welpa brings a new approach to addressing women’s social and health issues with potential to scale across Japan. 

[Reframing women’s health in Japan]
Despite being the third largest economy in the world, information and consumer awareness of women's health remains low due to socioeconomic pressures. As an example, according to the National Cancer Centre in Japan, women in their 20s-40s are at a higher risk of developing cancer than men of the same age - in fact, 70% of cancer patients between 20-49yrs are women. Within the high incidence of cancer in women are cancers specific to women (e.g. uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, etc). Amongst these, cervical cancer has the highest morbidity rates amongst OECD countries and has increased year on year - one of the key reasons for this, is the extremely low rates of medical screening in Japan.

This is a stark indication of long-standing taboos surrounding womens’ health and suggests wide-spread neglect or guilt around self-care, making women’s health and wellness ‘taboo’. With a motto to ‘turn taboos into triumphs’, Welpa is a convergence in fermata’s expertise reframing the perceptions and experience surrounding women’s health from one that is responsive and hospital-centric, to one that is proactive and positive.

As Welpa’s ‘lounge partner’ fermata will use its innovative combination of online/offline retail experiences, expert-led workshops and community events to raise consumer awareness and engagement, transforming women’s health and wellbeing from taboo to mainstream.

[Creating a new consumer experience with fermata]

(Rendering of fermata’s lounge design from PARCO)

Welpa’s space design as a ‘medical mall’ provides three touchpoints for consumers - medical care, product sales and services. Rather than ‘a place to go when you get sick’, the medical mall is branded as a ‘safe space for self-care’. 

The lounge aims to facilitate open discussions for customers to learn more about their bodies, share frustrations and explore femtech product solutions. As with fermata’s EC site and flagship store ‘New Stand Tokyo’, the space will showcase products in Japan and from around the world. 

Customers can enjoy interactive gallery exhibitions and workshops to talk about health and wellbeing. With its central location embedded alongside other commercial facilities, Welpa will also provide convenient access to women’s clinics throughout the week. For ease of booking, customers can use an online concierge to make reservations, track post-check up consultations and explore personalized recommendations for services and products.

[Exclusive opening campaign]

In the run up to opening day, fermata founders, CEO Amina Sugimono DrPh and CCO Hiroko Nakamura will be hosting exclusive workshops in the lounge, facilitating consultations on womens’ health and providing direct recommendations on products. 


November 19 (Fri) Hiroko Nakamura *Opening day

November 20th (Sat): Amina Sugimoto, Hiroko Nakamura

Sunday, November 21: Amina Sugimoto

For reservations, please contact Welpa at info@hellofermata.com

Registered guests who follow fermata’s Instagram or Twitter will also receive free give-aways, for purchases higher than 4,000JPY guests will also receive an exclusive fermata tote bag. 

After opening day, fermata will be joining a ‘collaboration week’ featuring promotion deals of Japan’s latest products including Mellow, M and More and Girls Leap. Femtech companies promoted will also include international companies Belly Bandit, a US-based product that will be debuting in Japan in partnership with fermata.

[Scaling access and impact across Asia]

As Asia's leading company in femtech operating in Tokyo and Singapore, fermata provides full-cycle market-entry support, covering everything from legislation, licensing, distribution, consumer education and empowerment. 

The launch of fermata’s second flagship store with Welpa follows the fermata’s second largest industry conference in Asia's, femtech fes!. With +150 companies from 27 countries and +1400 guests, fermata continues to grow the femtech ecosystem by empowering consumers, partnering with medical professionals and promoting domestic and global companies across Asia. 

For media inquiries, fermata will be accepting previews and interviews with fermata founders, CEO Amina Sugimono DrPh and CCO Hiroko Nakamura on the following dates/times:

Media Preview Date and Times

Thursday, November 18, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 

Friday, November 19, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


What is femtech?

femtech is a coined word that combines the words "Female" and "Technology". In general, it refers to devices, applications, and products that use technology to address health issues specific to women, such as menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. fermata believes that femtech is not only about products, but also about movements such as "a culture where women value self-care" and "everyone should be the best person to understand their own body. In addition to products, fermata believes that movements such as "a culture where women value self-care" and "a movement where everyone understands their own body best" are also important aspects of "femtech.

About fermata Inc

fermata is a Tokyo- and Singapore based femtech store and market entry facilitator. With both online and offline sales channels, fermata specializes in providing localization services, and is a Market Authorization Holder for cosmetic, quasi-drug and medical device (Class I and II) products. Our mission is to turn taboos into triumphs by making femtech products and services available to people in Asia. 

CEO Amina Sugimoto, DrPH is open for interview questions in English and Japanese. 

For media inquiries, please contact Global Business Manager, Lia Carmago: lia@hellofermata.com

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