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FabLittleBag 20 packs -FabLittleBag
FabLittleBag 20 packs -FabLittleBag
FabLittleBag 20 packs -FabLittleBag

FabLittleBag 20 packs -FabLittleBag

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Have you ever had trouble throwing away your sanitary products?

Well, you’ll be free of troubles with this FablittleBag, a bag for easy and hygienic disposal from London.

Just Open-In-Seal and Bin with FabLittleBag!

Easy to use, one handed, opaque, and seal closed for easy, hygienic disposal of used and newly opened tampons and pads and condoms.

FabLittleBag has been renewed with a focus on sustainable raw materials. The inside of the bag is made from sustainable plants (sugarcane waste) which locks the carbon, recycled materials (LDPE), and a small amount of renewable cornstarch. 

▼Recommended for the following situations.

  • When you are in a tourist spot or overseas where there is no place to dispose garbage
  • When you are at your friend’s or partner’s house and is difficult to dispose sanitary products
  • When there are no sanitary boxes in temporary toilets during disasters
  • Also useful for active scenes such as events, festivals and camping

▼Product details

Country of manufacture: United Kingdom

Content: 20 pieces

Color: White

Size: 160mm×95mm×5mm

Weight: 50g

Material: Sugarcane 60%, low-density polyethylene (LDPE) 30%, cornstarch 10%


Do not flush in the toilet