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Finger Cover 18 pieces - EVE
Finger Cover 18 pieces - EVE
Finger Cover 18 pieces - EVE
Finger Cover 18 pieces - EVE
Finger Cover 18 pieces - EVE
Finger Cover 18 pieces - EVE
Finger Cover 18 pieces - EVE

Finger Cover 18 pieces - EVE

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Finger cover from EVE is made out of 100% natural latex and coated with lubricating gel. Wrapped individually to maintain hygiene.

◎Examples of situations to use◎
・When touching your intimate areas with fingers
・When putting in and taking out menstrual cups
・When covering sex toys
・・Other instances when you’re worried about damage caused by fingernails or hygienic issues

Currently in Japan, there aren’t many options to choose from when it comes to finger covers. We at fermata think that it is very important for one’s health to take care of scars and hygienic issues when touching yourself or your partner. Recommended for those who are concerned about hurting one’s bodies with fingernails or those who want more than just washing their hands for hygiene.

Caressing with your fingers can give delicate stimulation and help create an intimate communication between you and your partner. Of course, the finger cover can be used alone. We wish to improve your sexual health by removing the anxiety when touching your body.


✓0.04mm thin
✓Made with transparent and colorless latex material that is less noticeable
✓Coated with 250mg of lubricating gel
✓Wrapped individually for hygiene (18 packs)
✓Can be used with silicone toys
✓Free of parabens, synthetic fragrances and synthetic colors


  1. Open the package carefully to prevent damage to the product (do not use sharp objects such as teeth or scissors when opening the package).
  2. Put the finger cover on your hand, lowering it to the bottom of your finger. Make sure to put your finger in the correct side. 
  3. Wrap the finger cover in paper and throw it away after use.

※Use according to the number of fingers you use

Diameter: 27mm ± 0.5mm
Length: 80mm ± 5mm
Content: 18 pieces
Country of manufacture: Korea


  • This product is not a medical device that is intended for contraception or prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (such as condoms).
  • Do not use if you are allergic to latex. 
  • If you experience an allergic reaction during use, stop using immediately and consult a doctor.

Fingering Tip by EVE

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and trim your fingernails to a round shape.
  2. Get to know your partner’s preferences and erogenous zones through communication.
  3. Remember that there are different positions for fingering -- touching from behind like you are hugging them, or touching your partner’s intimate areas whilst they are standing on their knees. 
  4. There is no need to put the finger cover on every finger, just on the ones you will use to touch your partner.
  5. It is important to not unnecessarily increase the strength or speed of your fingers when you think that you are approaching orgasm. Unless there is a sign from your partner to go harder/faster, maintain the current pace.

After trying this tip, talk with your partner to see what was good and what can be changed for next time.

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