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【Squee LLC DBA Kegelbell】ブース見どころ紹介

2つのエリアを体験していただく「Femtech Fes!」。 本記事では、今すぐ使える&発売に向けて準備が進んでいるエリア1「世界を切り拓く氷山の一角たち」の中から、「Squee LLC DBA Kegelbell」ブースの見どころをお伝えします。

  • Squee LLC DBA Kegelbell

    Revolutionize your well-being with Kegelbell, the game-changer in pelvic muscle training! Our FDA-registered device, celebrated in the USA, Japan, and Australia, redefines your journey to empowerment. Experience dynamic muscle activation as the weight works its magic outside your body. The Kegelbell Kit, a customizable toolkit featuring two inserts and three stackable weights, delivers targeted benefits. Say goodbye to incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and embrace heightened pleasure. Join the movement led by inventor Stephanie Schull, PhD, and transform your intimate health.

Unlock confidence and pleasure, with Kegelbell

The revolutionary pelvic muscle training device designed to redefine women's intimate well-being. Kegelbell's key differentiator lies in its patented technology, placing the weight outside the body for dynamic muscle activation.

Meet Dr. Schull: Wellness Innovator


Stephanie Schull, PhD, aims to change the game for millions of women with radically effective products that are safe, natural and get to the heart of the matter. Kegelbell, designed to help busy modern women do a super kegel in less time with incredible results.

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