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Claricup - Claripharm
Claricup - Claripharm
Claricup - Claripharm
Claricup - Claripharm
Claricup - Claripharm
Claricup - Claripharm
Claricup - Claripharm
Claricup - Claripharm

Claricup - Claripharm

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Brand: Claripharm

This menstrual cup is from Claripharm, a healthcare brand originated from France in 2013.
It comes with a "Claricup Box" that can be used for carrying, storing, and sterilisation by boiling.

Claricup size 0 is the smallest size among the menstrual cups available in the fermata store. 
If you have concerns about insertion, we highly suggest starting with this size.

A menstrual cup is a hygienic product designed to be folded and inserted into the vagina for the purpose of collecting menstrual blood.

Advantages of using a menstrual cup:
Odour Prevention: It effectively captures menstrual blood within the body, reducing the likelihood of any unpleasant odours.
Reusable: The menstrual cup can be used repeatedly, making it a sustainable and cost-effective option.
Active Lifestyle: It can be safely used during various physical activities, including bathing and swimming and running.


  • Easy to fold due to the vertical grooves on the sides.
  • Soft and flexible edges for smooth on/off.
  • Stem that can be cut to the length of the vagina
  • It can be used continuously for up to 6 hours at a time, or depending on the amount of menstrual blood flow.



Size 0

Size 1

Size 2

Capacity (max)




Volume (to air hole)




Diameter (outside)




Total length
(cup + stem)

71mm (44+27mm)

74mm (47+27+mm)

74mm (52+22mm)

Size 0
Recommended for: 

  • Perfect for beginners who are unfamiliar with tampons and feel uneasy about insertion.
  • Low menstrual blood volume or lighter flow days.
  • Those with strong vaginal muscles - a suitable choice for those who struggle with opening the menstrual cup within the vagina.

Size 1
Recommended for: 

  • Average size menstrual cup.
  • For light to normal days

Size 2
Recommended for:

  • For heavy menstrual flow.
  • Designed for individuals who have undergone a vaginal delivery

How to insert the cup

Prior to insertion, ensure the Claricup is clean. Refer to the Care and Storage Instructions for proper cleaning guidelines.
Adopt a squatting position or place one foot on the toilet seat to relax your vaginal muscles.
Fold the cup, and with your other hand, gently spread the labia apart. Insert the cup into the vagina, aiming for a depth where the bottom of the cup is approximately 1 cm from the vaginal opening.
Once inserted, release the hand holding the cup. Reach for the bottom of the cup, pinch it, and rotate it to ensure proper opening and positioning.

How to remove the cup
Resume squatting position or place one foot on the toilet seat to relax your vaginal muscles.
Locate the bottom of the cup by using the stem (shaft) as a guide. Pinch the bottom of the cup using two fingers or place one finger between the vaginal wall and the cup to create a gap. Avoid pinching the stem to prevent any potential breakage.
Once a gap is established between the cup and the vagina, gently pull the bottom of the cup to gradually remove it.
Empty the contents of the cup into the toilet.
Clean and sanitise the cup as per the Care and Storage Instructions before reinsertion.

Hygiene and Safety Guidelines:
Prior to inserting or removing the cup, ensure your hands are clean and thoroughly washed.
Take extra care if you have long fingernails to avoid any potential skin or mucous membrane damage.
Avoid using lubricants when inserting the ClariCup.
After removal, clean the cup meticulously before reinserting it.

Trade name: Claricup
Medical device notification number: 13B2X10428004001

Medical Silicone



  • Before insertion and at the end of your menstrual cycle, clean the cup as follows:
  • Wash the cup using a mild soap or specifically designed menstrual cup cleanser.
  • Thoroughly rinse the cup with water.

Important Reminders:
Avoid using petroleum products (such as Vaseline), essential oils, corrosive detergents, perfumed soaps, or dishwashing detergents to clean the cup.

Care and Storage Instructions for the Claricup Box
To properly care for and store your Claricup , please follow these instructions:

Microwave Method:

  • Place the cup, stem (shaft) part down, inside the provided Claricup box.
  • Fill the box with water up to the designated mark.
  • Heat the Claricup box in a microwave oven for 5 minutes (at 750W), ensuring that the lid is kept open.

Pot Method:

  • Fill a pot with water.
  • Use a net or another suitable item to prevent the cup from touching the bottom of the pot directly.
  • Boil the water with the cup inside for 7 minutes.

Important Reminders:

  • To prevent burns, ensure that the cup has cooled completely before using it after the heating process.
  • If the cup or stem (shaft) appears different, has an unusual odor, or is damaged, replace it with a new cup.
  • After cleaning and sterilization, dry the cup in a cool, dry place, avoiding exposure to strong light or heat. Once thoroughly dried, store the cup in the provided Claricup box until its next use.