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Kegel Bell (Pelvic Floor Muscle Training Item) - Kegelbell
Kegel Bell (Pelvic Floor Muscle Training Item) - Kegelbell
Kegel Bell (Pelvic Floor Muscle Training Item) - Kegelbell
Kegel Bell (Pelvic Floor Muscle Training Item) - Kegelbell

Kegel Bell (Pelvic Floor Muscle Training Item) - Kegelbell

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Category: Pelvic Floor Muscle Training
Brand: Kegelbell

Did you know that from 2022, a fantastic device that helps exercise pelvic floor muscles can now be sold as a general medical device in Japan? *1

Experience urine leakage due to weakened pelvic floor muscles? Try the Kegel Bell, a home device that tackles this issue. Regain control and bid farewell to discomfort caused by abdominal pressure urinary incontinence when running, jumping, coughing, or sneezing.

The Kegel Bell is suitable for those worried about minor urine leakage caused by exercise or other factors. It is also beneficial for those in the peri- and post-menopausal stages, as well as postpartum individuals.

The Kegel Bell is a specially designed training device aimed at enhancing pelvic floor muscle strength to address issues like urine leakage. By engaging in kegel exercises (pelvic floor muscle training) three times a week for five minutes per session, you can experience improvements. 

Medical Device Notification Trade Name|ケーゲルベル 骨盤底筋トレーナー KE
Medical device registration number|13B2X10428005001

☆For women in the menopausal transition
The decrease in female hormones can lead to weakened pelvic floor muscles and an increased risk of urine leakage. Embracing Kegel exercises as a part of your daily routine is a comfortable and effective way to address this issue. 

☆ For postpartum women
Postpartum women often experience stretching and damage to their pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy and childbirth, which can lead to looseness. Consequently, some women may encounter urine leakage after giving birth. We strongly recommend initiating pelvic floor muscle training approximately 7 weeks postpartum, but only after obtaining clearance from your doctor. This training can help strengthen and restore the pelvic floor muscles, reducing or resolving postpartum urine leakage.

☆ Awards
Recognised in the Indie Beauty Expo Best in Show 2019, the Kegel Bell stands out for its exceptional design and user-friendly approach to sexual wellness and personal intimate care. It offers accessibility in an area that has historically been considered taboo and has never been commercially explored before.

With the Kegel Bell, the weighted portion is used externally, minimising insertion required into the vagina. This design ensures effective and comfortable training. 
Additionally, the Kegel Bell offers a range of 8 levels*2 of weights, varying from 30g to 240g, allowing for progressive and customised training.

▼How to use
(1) Thoroughly wash your hands before use. Cleanse the relevant body parts with warm water and soap, ensuring a thorough rinse.
*Avoid using alcohol, silicone-based cleaners, petroleum products, essential oils, corrosive detergents, perfumed soap, dishwashing detergent, thinner, benzene, alcohol, or boiling water.
(2) Place a clean towel between your legs. Stand with your knees slightly bent, keeping your legs open.
(3) Start by using the smaller main body part. Extend the cord and insert the insertion part of the main body (apply lubricating gel if necessary).
(4) Test if you can maintain the inserted main body part while standing.
(5) If you find it difficult to keep the smaller body part inserted, switch to the larger body part and try again.
(6) Once you can maintain the inserted body part while standing, gradually increase the weight while in a standing position.
For more detailed instructions, please refer to the device's accompanying manual

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▼Contents of the set
2 main body parts
Three kinds of bell-shaped weights: A 30g B 60g C 120g
Storage bag
Instruction manual

Additional weight D sold separately is here

▼Product Information
Body part material|Silicone (Dimethylpolysiloxane)
Body part size|Small: Insertion site diameter 30mm, Large: Insertion site diameter 35mm
Country of manufacture|China

This product is not recommended for use by the following individuals. If you have any uncertainties regarding your condition, please consult your doctor:

Pregnant individuals or those within 6 weeks of childbirth [due to weakened immune system and increased risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)].
Individuals with vaginal infections or suspected increased vaginal discharge [as it may exacerbate symptoms].
Patients experiencing pelvic pain [as symptoms may worsen].
Individuals with third- or fourth-degree pelvic organ prolapse (POP) [as symptoms may worsen].
Patients who have undergone pelvic or genital surgery within the past 3 months [due to the potential risk of bacterial infection].
Individuals with a history of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) [due to the risk of recurrence].
People with silicone allergies [as it may trigger an allergic reaction].

Prior to use, please carefully review the instruction manual included with the product and ensure proper usage. By registering as a member of fermata store (free of charge), you can access the instruction manual data through your personal My Page.

*1 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare:
*2 There are two sets of parts to be inserted into the vagina, one large and one small, and if you use the small part, you can use the large part for the small part.