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Mesh Hipster - proof
Mesh Hipster - proof
Mesh Hipster - proof
Mesh Hipster - proof
Mesh Hipster - proof
Mesh Hipster - proof

Mesh Hipster - proof

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Infused with breathable mesh accents, Mesh Hipster absorbs up to approximately 40ml - the highest absorption capacity out of proof products available in Japan. 


Great for…

  • Heavy periods
  • When you want to use together with a tampon, pad, or cup
  • When there are substantial bladder leaks
  • When you are worried about sweat
  • When you are worried about smell (odor reduction)


  • Holds up to 8 Teaspoons (40ml)
  • Color: Black
  • The transparent bag that proof comes in is made of degradable material that returns to soil.

【About the crotch (absorbent part) 】

  • The upper layer is made of antibacterial, moisture absorbing material that helps prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria.
  • The edge part of the gusset features patented LEAK-LOC™ technology that prevents leakage from the seams.
  • The thin and flexible leakproof technology hugs the body from the front waistband to the back for total peace of mind.




  • 75% nylon, 25% polyurethane
  • Mesh: 75% nylon, 25% polyurethane
  • Lining: 100% cotton
  • Lining: 100% polyester
  • Lining: 69% cotton, 25% polyester, 6% acrylate


  • Machine wash in a delicate cycle, using gentle detergents. Can also be hand washed.
  • To help sanitize, use a few drops of tea tree oil or vinegar in the rinse cycle of your washing machine.
  • When washing or rinsing Proof, use cold water. Cold water helps to extend the longevity and effectiveness of the panties.
  • After washing your Proof undies, hang or lay flat to dry. Proof’s multi-layered technology can take between 6-24 hours to dry. To dry more quickly, blot any excess moisture and hang dry.


  • If the traces of sticker remains on the gusset, rub gently in lukewarm water.
  • ※If the "No Box" size is selected, the underwear will be packaged in a transparent bag, without the paper box.