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Popit Sense - Popit
Popit Sense - Popit
Popit Sense - Popit
Popit Sense - Popit
Popit Sense - Popit
Popit Sense - Popit
Popit Sense - Popit
Popit Sense - Popit

Popit Sense - Popit

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※Japanese smartphone app and instructions available

Forgetting to take your pills or supplements- it happens often.
Have you ever panicked because you had an unusual schedule and forgot to take your pill last night?

Popit is a service from Finland that supports your medication schedule using a dedicated app and a device (Popit Sense). According to an experiment conducted by Popit, we were able to reduce the number of missing doses by over 80%.

The beautiful Scandinavian design and color variations are also one of our charms.


The device detects the sound and vibration of when the tablet is taken out from the sheet, and only when you forget to take the tablet (when the removal action is not detected), the app will notify you.

It can be used in various types of sheet-type medications. (Please read the precautions)

The Japanese instruction is included in the package, so please read it for detailed instructions.


  1. Install the free app on your smartphone.
  2. Attach Popit Sense (this device) to the sheet.
  3. Start the app and register the medication you are taking.

▼How to automatically record medication▼

  1. Hold the device with one hand so that it touches the touch sensor, and with the other hand hold the tablet sheet attached to the device.
  2. When the touch is detected a beep will go off 2 times. After, within a few seconds remove the tablet.
  3. When the device detects that the tablet has been removed, you will hear a confirmation sound and the side button will flash.※If the automatic recording does not work, you can also record medication manually.
  4. Check to see if the medication is recorded in the app.


  • Size: L 45mm × W 30mm ×  13mm
  • Color: White/ Violet / Emerald/ Sakura pink




  • A space about 6~9mm is required at the edge of the sheet to attach the device. If the sheet is rectangular or circular, often there is space to attach the device, but for some there may not be space. In such cases, this product cannot be used.
  • Some medicines come in a paper case. Please attach the Popit Sense directly to the sheet, as Popit Sense cannot automatically detect if the paper case is still attached.
  • Since there could be malfunctions if carried around in a pocket, please carry the device in a pouch or a bag.
  • This is the product page for Popit Sense. The smartphone app is free of charge. Please note that the smartphone is not included.

▼ ABOUT THE “Popit Smart Pill Reminder” APP ▼ 

iOS / Android

※The download page is in English, but the app can also be used in Japanese

※You can also use the app alone.