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What is "Femtech Fes!" ?

Femtech Fes! was brought to life in 2019, at a time when the word “femtech” was relatively unknown in Japan.

The femtech industry has since evolved significantly, offering a diverse range of products and solutions. However, these advancements are merely the tip of the iceberg. There are still uncharted territories waiting to be explored, and unmet needs yearning for solutions.

Femtech Fes! encourages people to share their experiences openly and honestly, creating a collective force that could break down the barriers that have thus far hindered progress in women’s health. It is a place where collaboration across borders is not only encouraged but executed, and where women’s health and wellness are no longer relegated to the shadows.

Join us on this journey, where norms are questioned, and stigmas are confronted. Come meet the people, products, and projects that may just transform your taboos into triumphs.

The journey unfolds at "The Tip of the Iceberg,"
revealing the choices that have already surfaced.
Then, we go "Beneath the Surface,"
where we'll dive into the mysteries of untapped opportunities.

Area 1
Exploring the Leading Edge of Innovation
An invitation to explore the creativity of products readily available in the market or poised to make their entry. It is not just an opportunity to witness the latest advancements, but to engage with minds shaping the future through promising and insightful discussion.

Ida Tin
Clue Co-founder / 前CEO
Amina Sugimoto (DrPH)
fermata Co-founder / CEO

俳優 / モデル

Area 2
Diving into the Abyss
Where the unexpected is expected, and the unexplored is the focus of attention. Discover new products and services with the potential to address our deepest and unmet needs. You’ll also have a chance to learn and become active participants in workshops.

In line with the themes, Femtech Fes! is focusing on thought-provoking questions, aiming to ignite conversations and inspire change.

• Have we truly addressed all of our "menstruation" needs?

• Why is there such fear surrounding menopause?

• Solutions to our issues do not come served on a silver platter; how can we drive the change we want to see?

Join us on this journey to question the present, and
envision the possibilities for the future

Tokyo Metropolitan Government / Minato City / JICA / NEDO / Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain / Embassy of the Republic of Nicaragua /
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands / Embassy of the Republic of Singapore / Embassy of the United States of America / DWIH Tokyo / Swissnex / UNFPA /
Media Partners
Special Thanks
To request an interview or collaboration, kindly reach out to us using this form.
If you do not receive a response within three working days, please feel free to resend your request.

Femtech Fes!
日程:2024年2月9日(金) 11:00-18:00、10日(土) 10:00-18:00、11日(日) 10:00-17:00
会場:六本木 アカデミーヒルズ
主催:Femtech Fes! 実行委員会
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